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Nixul – Wax to Vape


Nixul Wax Liquidizer starter kit has everything you’ll need to get started converting THC concentrates into flavored vape juice. In this kit you’ll find:

– 10 ml chubby bottle (do NOT screw-on cap until full because the cap cannot be removed once applied)
– 14 gauge blunt tip syringe w/cap
– 2 clear pipettes
– 15 ml microwave-safe glass vial for mixing

Using these items you can easily convert your THC to vapable eliquid in minutes. All you need now is your favorite flavor of Nixul Wax liquidizer and THC concentrate.

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Recommended Use:
Step 1 Using a syringe or dropper place 2 ml of Nixul Wax Liquidizer into a microwave-safe container along with 1 gram of wax, or other THC concentrates.
Step 2 Microwave for 8 seconds. Remove and mix until even consistency, making sure there are no clumps.
Step 3 Once cooled, use a syringe or dropper to extract your new THC eliquid / ejuice from the container and place directly into your cartridge device, or a storage bottle for future use.

It’s that simple. Follow these three easy steps and you can be discreetly using THC vape liquid in no time!

Ingredients: A Proprietary Blend of Natural Flavors, PG, PEG200, and PEG400

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

Banana Blast, Blue Raz Lemonade, OG (unflavored), Mint Cookies & Cream, Peach Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Unicorn Candy, Wild Grape, Wax Liquidizer Kit



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